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The Complete Guide To Visiting Cancun In Mexico

Cancun, in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, is hands-down a whole lotta fun!
This is the perfect place to let your hair down, try every margarita available under the sun, party and even swim with whale sharks. There are countless reasons why Cancun is an amazing holiday destination (and of course, why you should head there for your next holiday) so we’ll skip right past that and jump straight into all the stuff you need to know to visit Cancun (though if you need some hints as to why you need to visit Cancun, check this post out here).

Cancun has largely been popular with American travellers for quite some time but for us across the pond in Europe, it’s relatively new (I use the term ‘new’ lightly as we’re talking slightly over a decade here). Thankfully, travel is opening up more and more and offering new and exciting destinations that perhaps would have been unaffordable several years ago.